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On a block that most builders had passed up on due to its complexity and intensive BAL ratings sits the Blackrock House folding around the BAL 40 ring and rock outcrops. With impressive view lines to the Western Australian flats and coast line of Perth the house design maximises the view lines but with irregular placed angles creates privacy from surrounding neighbours and late afternoon sun patterns from the west. The house sits 3-5m above the natural ground line on steel framed stumps minimising impacts to the natural bush flora and fauna. A layered approach to the site planning steps the house down the steep embankment and connects the carport, ancillary dwelling and main house with a middle courtyard that is wrapped around an existing gum tree retained. This courtyard provides a retreat from any harsher summer sun sets and a shaded courtyard for relaxation and grand kids playing. To comply with the BAL 40 parameters of the lot metal cladding is used to line all external fabrics of the house with fibre cement decking boards to any external areas. This also had an added benefit of providing minimal maintenance to the home considering the house elevation above the ground and access issues on the lot.

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