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Squishing a large modern family home for a growing family into a small residential lot was the challenge without the home losing connection with the outside. Pushing a large portion of the garage, workshop and secondary living areas underground allowed the rest of the house to then maximise the potential of the small lot. Bedroom wings were contained to the upper floor making sure that the traditional family structure and connection to young children and their parents was a priority. Due to the lot orientation majority of the bedrooms face north and overlook the outdoor living areas with large volumes of glazing to maximise northern light sun patterns. The ground floor then focused on a basic layout and simplicity in the traffic flow around core living areas that were connected by two alternative outdoor spaces being on the northern and southern sides of the lot. This allowed for greater use of outdoor living spaces around different weather patterns in summer and winter that are then connected centrally by the large kitchen. The street elevation takes references from the modern European coastal homes. A white ribbon form folds back and forth across the façade with a simple balance of bold structures and transparency defining depth, strong shadow lines and a soft layering to the street elevation.

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