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Defined by a lot that is awkward in shape, poor planning guidelines, noise issues from a freight train line and no ocean views the lot seemed to be a bad situation. In consultation with the owners a strategy of creating an internal courtyard and focusing the internalised views of the home inwards in lieu of externally created a large courtyard space to the northern area for a lush garden and pool area. All areas of the home are targeted to either access or visually view the internal courtyard and with vertical growing patterns and dense gardening proposed the area will be a secluded oasis. With the street elevation wrapping around the northern courtyard a double façade was proposed creating a secluded private space to the upper floor living and allocating noise buffers to the neighbouring freight line. Large volumes of vertical creepers with grow up and around the structure linking the façade to the green oasis below. A nod to coastal themes mixed with strong geometric forms with a soft balance between green space and concrete textures. A double tiered open staircase links the floors and provides access to the roof terrace with 360degrees of the ocean and surrounding natural coastal bushland creating secondary outdoor space escaping with mates..

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