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Situated on the Kelmscott ridgeline that overlooks the Brookton Highway valley, the site is precariously steep and only a small section of the lot was useable to build upon. Surrounded by natural bush and located within the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Flame Zone area a strong design process was required to meet the requirements of the budget, flame zone construction complexities and maintain the beauty of the natural landscape and surroundings. In collaboration with K5B Developments we resolved a construction methodology that would sustain the bush fire attack necessities and meet budget requirements. Using this base methodology, a simplified rectangular pod for each core family and private area was positioned along the ridge line. Interconnecting passages and bridges then link the zones. This reduced its impact on the natural landscape and kept the structure below the pods to a minimum saving on build costs. As the building footprint did not follow a conventional bush pole home, this allowed for a modern interpretation of the traditional pole home architectural style, external cladding and roof forms. Cladding the house in low maintenance and fire-retardant materials like metal cladding and fibre cement claddings created a striking home that hangs off the side of the cliff. From all areas of the house the views lines are pictured framed creating a continued connection with the natural landscaping. A large alfresco and northern sun deck hang out from the main house over the cliff edge and exposes the outdoor area to the shear severity of the block slope and picturesque surrounding landscape.

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