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Built around two peoples dividing personalities of likes and dislikes but a common goal for a desire to create a family home with meaning and purpose that reflected on their own upbringings. Family is at the core of the modern home focusing on a large open living space that connects with the rear yard and creates the best use of a pizza shaped lot. An underground bunker was designed to facilitate a sound proof room for gaming and computer works for the scientist of the family that would be removed from all areas of the house, with a ground floor acoustically isolated office provided respite and work space for a young doctor. As the street elevation was the widest part of the home and difficulty with an existing street tree location a side access garage was proposed to maximise the house space towards the front of the lot and then create a unique street elevation with cantilevered forms and upper floor garden beds to cascade down over. The street elevation takes on a bold shape with dark metal claddings folding around the upper floor box and a double storey entry all wrapped around a concrete ground floor cube.

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