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A young family home located in the heart of Perth’s redeveloping inner suburbs. The young couple needed to have a family home that allowed for future growth of their small family but maintain budgets and simple construction methodologies common to Perth building market. To create a sense of presence in the street façade and house entry at a budget common building materials of brick have been adopted in a modern way by using a painted finish mixed with concrete look dado render. These elements are then offset with bold forms in dark tones that create an aggressive contrast and presence of the street. Large landscaped areas and location of mature Judas trees with small leaf fig climbing vine to the entry off sets the bold forms and provide a softness to the street presence. Northern sun patterns, ambient light and connection with the outside was a critical element and by utilising courtyard areas that intersects at different points of the home creates a feeling of space and connection with the outdoors on a small lot.

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