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Soft and balanced coastal themes tied into a modern façade with bold forms and defined textures. A symmetry between horizontal and vertical lines in fibre cement sheet claddings and stone mixed with landscaping creates a dominant street presence that flirts with the romance of beach life yet with a modern urban edge. A core design element to White House plays with the notion of reversing the typical western Australian beach house ideas where view lines of the coast and larger windows are common. As the home was tucked into the other side of the sand dune with no views of the surrounding coast line a mentality of looking up in lieu of out was important design feature. Living areas were placed with a maximum northern orientation and large volumes of glazing and to maximise winter sun and light patterns with utility areas placed behind towards the street. Sleeping quarters are placed on the upper floor with side window glazing only positioned for ventilation and all large panels of natural light connected with skylights creating dramatic viewing platform of the skyline in all rooms.

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