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Set along the rising hill lines that surround the town site of York in the farming district of the Avon Valley. The York Farmhouse sits in the eastern portion of the farming district on a northern orientated hill that looks out over the surrounding farms, smaller mountain ranges and township. The off grid house design is positioned towards the top of the hill with a notion of maximising early morning sun and reducing the harsher midday to sunset sun patterns common to the area. The house is bent along the hill side creating pockets of ambient natural light to all major living areas but reducing strong direct sun light. Allowing the house to breathe with south western and eastern breeze patterns creates a natural cooling effect with minimal interruptions of interior walls and a longer extruded house design. All rainwater will be harvested and the rear area of the lot is designed to contain the rural shed and 15kw solar system with battery storage. The building is clad in long term materials of concrete blocks and metal claddings that will create longevity and reduce maintenance where possible. Darker colours are proposed to create a dramatic presence to the structures along the hill line and additional insulation and staggered wall construction is used to reduce any heat loading. Exterior material selections are used internally defining a modern farm house with wear and tear at the core of the selection process. The final structure and buildings will be a dominant shape on the horizon and define a modern farm house structure to the York Hills.

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