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Darklight Design is a small boutique based design firm with a focus on budget and construction the key driver in achieving successful outcomes. Our experience in multiple sectors and exposure to complicated assignments has given us the ability to navigate successfully all types of projects in the Residential and Commercial sectors. Darklight Design assess each client’s brief individually and believe in paying attention to all pre-construction components to give your project the best possible start when building commences. With a small team our focus and attention is always client driven to create a relaxed and exciting process.


Guidance, honesty and transparency throughout our process is a key component to our design method with educated clients making educated decisions.

Since 2016 Darklight Design has created an exciting portfolio of award winning projects that have defined that good design, construction viability and affordability can all work together. Together Senior Designer Daniel Thake and Director Adam Butcher have engaged in creating an exciting environment that flourishes with challenges and the ability to resolve problems where others don’t.

“Within the dark there is light you must have the ability and desire to find it in dark times” Director Adam Butcher on the notion of Darklight Designs origins.


Darklight Design was created on the notion of continually striving to be positive and there is a solution for all problems if you endeavour to invest in finding the solution. We ask for open participation from our clients and encourage them to dream, invest and trust in that good design and a structured process will achieve the best for their project.

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