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With the Independent Living Unit (ILUs) for Aged Care providers struggling with the downturn of Western Australia property, DLD were engaged to take a fresh approach to the ILUs design and master planning of development sites. Looking at smaller building and lot footprints with better design of spatial areas were important elements to reduce building costs and allow more affordable options to the market place. Utilisation of smaller spaces did not however lead to a reduction in useability and with consultation with Bethanie and industry leaders we created a well organise small footprint home for the end user that was filled with natural light. Another core element to the design of the units was a significant involvement in community focused and interactive spaces. All units are rear loaded with interactive front porch’s linked to landscaped green belts that create social interaction to external areas and removes any visibility of vehicles. This process has greatly increased the social interaction of residents and created a community linked by the gardens and nature.

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